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Trudell Doctor, MD, Boynton Beach


Dr. Doctor is board certified in family medicine and completed her residency at the Jamaica Hospital affiliated with Mount Sinai in New York. She received a Master’s of Science Health Services Administration in 2001 and earned her medical degree with Highest Honor from the Ross University School of Medicine in New Jersey. 

Since the FDA approval of Bio-Identical Hormones, menopausal symptoms can be medically treated with hormone replacement therapy. Upon completion of a prestigious certification, Dr. Doctor now offers multiple alternatives to personalize the choices in hormone replacement therapy for individual patient needs, including saliva hormone testing. She also offers a variety of treatment options to fit patients’ preferences. Dr. Doctor is also certified in basic aesthetic procedures and minor sports medicine related procedures.

Her extensive training and accrued expertise in the field of medicine and aesthetics has created demand not only for her clinical skills but as a recognized lecturer in the areas of women’s health, anti-aging, and a wide range of medical conditions.

Dr. Doctor is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and recognized as one of the top doctors in Delray 

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